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Company Data

  • Legal form: 100% privately owned Ltd.
  • Number of employees: 35 people
  • Range of products: approximately 30 types of herbal based beauty products and hundreds of different types of beauty products in contract manufacturing.
Company History

Establishing Szilasmenti Mgtsz, the beginning of the cultivation of herbs in Gödöllő and area


At the same time with volatile oil destillation begins the herb processing


The start of the development of herbal based products in our own laboratory


The development of our very first own beauty products


The beauty factory is built


The beauty division of the Mgtsz. runs under the name of SILANUS


Silanus Cosmetic and Commercial Ltd. secedes from Szilasmenti Mgtsz in privatization process


The most important principals,
ambitions, goals

  • Wide range of products – from head to toe.
  • Large amount of use of herb – agents
  • Flexibility towards new customer requirements
  • To provide full service for contract manufacturers

The aim of Silanus Cosmetic and Commercial Ltd is to make everyday’s personal hygiene simpler and more effective with its herb products and nearly 30 types of herb based products.
The corporation has got its own factory, storages and development laboratory. This is where the development of the high quality, middle price ranged products takes place in addition with the required tests. There is a big emphasis on the consumption of the high amount of natural agents and herbs during development.
The high quality of our products, the herb agents that are monitored on a regular basis, the biopharmacial tests are guaranteed and certified by European Cert ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System that has been running since 1998 and ISO 22716 GMP that has been accredited in 2013. Our herbal based cosmetics have been successfully introduced in nearly 30 international special exhibitions (f.e. Bologna).
The greatest assets of the company are the outstanding expert team, many decades of the manufacturing experience on the field of natural active agents. The Silanus Cosmetic and Commercial Ltd is the only company in Hungary that provides a full range of products that is based on a single herb. Our products can be found in pharmacies, herb specialty shops and drugstores.

2144 Kerepes, Vasút utca 42.
VAT number: 13536280-2-13
Registry number: Cg.13-09-104199

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