Contract manufacturing

We have been dealing with contract manufacturing since 1993. Currently we produce different cosmetics to 50 partners from shampoos, creams, sun care products through professional beauty products.
We are pleased to undertake the development of the products required by our partners even obtain licenses under regulations. Our factory has ISO 9001quality assurance as well as ISO 22716 GMP that is why we are able to provide production under supervised conditions. In addition to this we are able to serve our customers on our modern high-performance machines with short production deadlines.

Our plant contains the following units:626x226

  • 2 x 500 liters homogenizing – mixer unit
  • 120 liters and a 500 liters static – mixer unit
  • six-head automatic filling machine with a cap closer
  • 2 labeling machine
  • tube filler machine for plastic and metal tubes
  • sachet filler machine
  • powder filler machine



Global Parter System Kft.

High-Cosm Bt. 

Stella Zrt.

Leticia Herba Kft

  Alveola Kft.

Uniclean Kft

 Smed-Erg Bt

 Radical Kft.

 Any Design Int. Kft.

 BGB Interherb Kft.

 Mitzrael Kft.

 Natural Road Kft

 Hunyadi Team Kft.

 Dr. Kocsis & Hoffmann Pharma Kft.

 Immunal Kft.

 Balzsamlabor Bt.

 Elosztó Team Kft.

 Homatiko Kft.

 Vytalon Kft.

 Pető Intézet

 Soliteint Kft.

 Green Blood Kft.

 Innoveng 1 Kft.

 Medinatural Kft.

 Hoti Kft.

 Podiart Kft.

 Medcare Kft.

 Galaktív Bio Kft.

 Dermocosmetic Kft.

 Biokonet Kft.

 Herbadoctor Kft.

 Geoproduct Kft.

 Gyógynövénykert Kft.

 WiseTree Naturals Kft.

 Marketingshop Kft.

 Easy Group Kft.

 Inzula Kft.

Sába Kozmetikumok

Elise Natural s.r.o.

B.G.L. s.r.o.

 Cremum Kft.

 InnoClean Kft.

 Dr.Hotelellátó Zrt.

Spa-Capital Kft

 Honey Hill Kft.

Vitacenter Kft.

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